A Dogs Life After Life

Dianne V. Lawrence is a painter, writer and                                                    
editor/publisher of a 13,000 copy 
magazine called 
The Neighborhood News 
serving Mid City and West Adams communities
in Los Angeles.
(continued below)


Dianne is also an animal activist and rescuer.  She was
instrumental in getting a law passed in the City of Los
Angeles which took dogs off chains in backyards for 
which she received a Certificate of Commendation 
from the City Of Los Angeles.
She has rescued, trained and found homes for over
75 abandoned street dogs. 

When her dog Puck met a harsh and untimely death,
Dianne’s grief made it hard for her to believe he just
did not exist anymore.  She allowed herself to imagine
where he might be and began the book.

Years later, when her two dogs Peggy and Crystal
died of old age, she had a dream.

 "As I stood on the street, both dogs came rushing out
of a dark portal.  They jumped into my arms as we
all hugged and shared joy and affection.  I looked
towards the portal and could tell a loving presence
was standing on the other side, patiently waiting for
Crystal and Peggy to say their goodbyes."

Leonard Cohen said of her artwork:   

"Dianne designed my hummingbird. She did the portrait
for the cover of a record called Recent Songs. I don't have
many paintings, but I have three of hers."  

All the pets in the photos are family members who were
Left to Right clockwise:
Foxie, Misha, Princess, Jack, Puck, Peggy, Crystal, Ginger,
Henny Penny and Sneaky the Turtle.

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